Care Everywhere delivers an Infusion Pump Gateway Server, which provides a comprehensive set of storage for the connected pumps/devices as well as integration capabilities with leading EMR and dispense solutions. The integration of these systems further expands device capabilities by allowing for auto-documentation, auto-programing, and alarm escalation. The collection of data from the devices can enhance the IV medication infusion process and optimize user efficiency with access to device/ fleet management, CQI data and Drug Library distribution management. This Gateway is a scalable and reliable solution that can be provided as an all virtual deliverable, hosted / appliance environment or using customer procured hardware.



Our Infusion Pump Gateway Server provides a comprehensive set of storage and cloud tools for connected pumps/devices as well as integration capabilities with leading EMR's.


Care Everywhere offers disaster recovery consultation for a hospitals data protection requirements. Using remote access, Care Everywhere can offer Oracle database recovery and bare metal recovery of the Gateway server.


Our CQI Analytics Consulting services provide a way to support customer needs around analyzing their cloud data. Engagements can be for getting information for top drug utilization, pump fleet utilization, top alerts, alarms, or whatever your needs are.


We provide customers with a standby Oracle database server either at a customer’s primary data center location or at a remote co-location. We will assess the network topology of the customer’s site and assist in determining the appropriate configuration to satisfy their database availability needs. 


Our Infusion Pump Gateway Server software is FDA registered class 1 medical device. Our software is installed in more than 500 hospitals and manages more than 200,000 infusion pumps every day. 20% of all acute care hospitals utilize the Care Everywhere Gateway.

Our History

Care Everywhere is an ISO 13485:2016 certified software medical device company focused on integrating point-of-care medical devices such as infusion pumps and vital sign monitors with hospital information systems to improve patient safety, nursing productivity, and documentation. The company’s Infusion Pump Gateway Server software is an FDA registered Class 1 medical device.

Care Everywhere’s Infusion Pump Gateway software product has been deployed to more than 500 healthcare provider organizations, connecting more than 200,000 diagnostics and therapeutic devices at the point-of-care.

Since its inception in 2003, Care Everywhere has been focusing on the development of medical device data system software (MDDS) integrating point of care medical devices with hospital information systems.

Care Everywhere’s Network Operation Center (NOC) monitors all connected medical devices and installed Gateway server instances to help hospital clients manage their smart infusion pump fleet and support an integrated nursing medication administration workflow.


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